This is just a sampling of the many glowing remarks from reviewers attempting to explain the fascinating attraction to this unusual variety act. It is interesting to note the variety of the venues which have accomomodated his act. (One would dearly wish to be in the audience for a production of The Wizard of Oz and witness the arrival of The Banana Man near the end of the performance!)



N. Y. TIMES - Brooks Atkinson
"And for genuine circus clowning, this column has never seen the equal of A. Robins, whose mummery is terrific."


KANSAS CITY, Starlight Theatre - "WIZARD OF OZ" A. ROBINS gets a thousand laughs in his banana man specialty just before the finale."
- K.C. Times.


VARIETY - "The Show of Shows TV"
One of our truly original pantomime comedy acts, and ideal for this medium, the sight comedy of A. Robins, "The Banana Man".


BILL BOARD - Thunderbird Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada.
A. ROBINS - in the finest tradition of standard variety entertainment.


TORONTO "Telegram" - George Kidd
Toronto Symphony Orchestra Xmas Concert at Massey Hall -"There was a comedian named A. Robins - he came on dressed up funny-like and presented the craziest mixed-up act ever seen at a symphony concert. This was the highlight of the show - and an event not to be missed. "


Toronto TV
The show stealer was an original solo by A. Robins -Top flight act.


TORONTO - John Kraglund
Then vaudeville took over in the form of comedian A. Robins. If the audience has stopped laughing, it is probably still wondering where all those bananas and melons came from.


London Performer - Casino Theatre, London Musical Revue
' THREE CHEERS" - starring Vic Oliver. The sight comedy of ROBINS, The Banana Man, one of the variety highlights.


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