Many have asked where they can purchase videos of the Banana Man’s act. I know, at this point, of only two commercially available videos which contain portions of A. Robins’ act.

A-1 Video sells many fascinating videos. The one with what I believe to be the oldest and the most authentically A. Robins is to be found on their “Early Americana” page and is a part of Vaudeville Videos #4. It is the portion of the Red Skelton 1939 short, “Seeing Red” which contains what seems to be a good portion of the “Living Music Store” act. It is in black & white.There are no banana productions but the props are unmistakable.

The Banana Man is seen very briefly in the 1947 film, “Mother Wore Tights” with Betty Grable. He appears to entertain at a children’s party. It is not certain exactly which performer it is on the film since the appearance is uncredited. This is a color film. Amazon.com sells the video.

Plans are developing to produce a DVD containing ALL of the known videos of the performances of The Banana Man. It will also contain a "slide show" of pictures and details of all of the props and costumes.

Should anyone else know of examples of The Banana Man’s performances on video, the editor of these pages would love to know about it!


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