Sam Levine as

Sam Levine as The Banana Man

The Internet is an amazing medium for sharing information and facilitating communication. Soon after “publishing” this series of web pages in tribute to the character and performances of The Banana Man, I began to get eMails and “fan mail” from people who knew of The Banana Man and had fond memories of his performances. Some had information to share which have helped to shape “The History” section of these pages.

The most amazing of the communications I received were from the daughter, son and grandson of Sam Levine. His daughter was the first to write to me. She simply said : “Dear Mr.Bryson- My father Sam Levine, whose agent was Max Roth, performed as A. Robins the Banana Man.“ I was floored. I now had an actual connection to the man who played the character. My eMail and subsequent phone communications with Sam Levine’s children have provided the following addition to the history of this character and his performances. It is unimpeachable information from sources who witnessed first hand the backstage life and saw the many performances of The Banana Man. This information calls into serious question the suggestion in The Vaudeville Times that Max Roth performed for many years as The Banana Man.

I will be adding more of the specific memories, facts and details from the conversations with Sam Levine’s family soon. I did want to include now an amazing photograph supplied to me by Mr. Levine’s daughter. It clearly shows a very private backstage moment when Mr. Levine is loading the capatcious pockets of his coat with bananas. Fans of the act will instantly recognize the various props and production items on the floor in front of him. This photograph was very likely taken at the same time as many of the publicity stills were made. The similarity of the position of some of the props, the studio floor and the cloth backdrop seen in many of the pictures is a very good indication that these pictures were taken at the same time and do show Mr. Levine as The Banana Man.

Sam Levine died in 1994 after having performed as The Banana Man for about 15 years.

Sam Levine “loading the act” for the photo shoot for the Banana Man brochure.




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