The Great Foodini show actually started as "Lucky Pup." What had originally been a minor character, Foodini the great magician soon became so popular he got his own show.

Foodini was the main instigator of trouble and conflict. His bumbling assistant Pinhead could be counted upon to complicate things and to constantly get into trouble with Foodini. They became a classic comic pair. Jolo the clown makes occasional appearances.

Lucky Pup was a white puppet dog. (CBS 1948-51) He was a wealthy playboy pooch, battling evil plots of the bumbling pointy nosed magician Foodini and his stooge Pinhead. They try to steal the canine's five million dollar inheritance left to him by a deceased circus queen. Jolo was the clown pal of Lucky Pup. In 1951 the program was renamed Foodini the Great because the character Foodini had become more popular than Lucky Pup. Doris Brown (the only human on the show) narrated and hosted the program.

Lucky Pup

Doris Brown


Foodini & Pinhead

Pinhead & Foodini

Phineas Pitch

Doris Brown and Jolo the Clown


Watch a short video clip of Foodini & Pinhead.
Foodini thinks he is going to pull a rabbit out of his hat!

All of the cast (Jolo bodyless!)


Foodini takes a GOOD look at Morey's eye.

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