The Great Foodini can be found in two comic book series (and in one interesting variant comic.)

The first series was known as "The Great Foodini" and ran for four issues only. It was published by Continental Publications, Inc., Leon Jason, Executive Editor. All four had 52 "fun filled" pages and sold for 10 cents each. Featured in the comics were stories involving the adventures and misadventures of Foodini, Pinhead, Jolo, Dilly Dolly, Cicero, Phineas Pitch and Hotchkiss. There were occasional stories involving Jingle Dingle and other characters not in the Foodini arena. In addition to the ads for a variety of novelty products commonly found in comics of this era, there were ads for Foodini liscensed products offered by the R. C. Cox Corporation. The series started in March, 1950 and ended in August of 1950.

After a delay of ten months, the second comic series (also limited to 4 issues) : "Pinhead and Foodini" was published by The Fawcett Publications company. Issue number one came out in July of 1951 and the last issue was published in Dec, 1951. This series clearly has a new artist. The characters are drawn with a closer resemblance to the actual TV puppets. The covers featured photographs of the actual puppets and Doris Brown.

The first issue at least was still promising "Big 52 Pages Of Exciting Adventures in Full Color." The creators were obviously giving Pinhead the top billing in an attempt to attract more readers. These comics had the same mixture of stories featuring all of the Foodini cast but increasingly there were stories which had nothing to do with Foodini - often characters from other Fawcett publications. There were also fewer ads for licensed products. The cover price for these comics was still 10 cents. Interestingly, Doris Brown's picture appears on three of the four covers (missing on issue #4.)


The Great Foodini. Vol 1, No 1, March 1950
The Adventures of Foodini The Great. Vol 1, No 2, April 1950
The Great Foodini, Vol 1, No 3, May 1950
The Great Foodini, Vol 1, No 4, August 1950

Pinhead and Foodini. Vol 1, No 1, July 1951
Pinhead and Foodini. Vol. 1, No 2, Sept 1951
Pinhead and Foodini. Vol 1 No 3, Nov 1951
Pinhead and Foodini. Vol 1, No 4, Dec 1951


An issue of "Jingle Dingle Christmas Stocking Comics", Vol 2, No 1, 1951 - Stanhall Publications, has on the cover: " Featuring your favorite characters from radio, television & comics" and "the Bunin Puppets Foodini & Pinhead."

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