Foodini licensed items were advertised in the comic books. A good number of them have shown up over the years on eBay auctions. An article in the March, 1949 issue of "Playthings" magazine describes the licensing arrangements - and points to the connection of Mike Bunin to the licensed items.

Quoting from the article: "Mike Bunin of R.C. Cox Corporation, 205 West Wacker Drive, Chicago, sales agency for the licensing of Lucky Pup characters on the current CBS-TV children's show states they are receiving an enthusiastic response from manufacturers of toys, children's garments and other appropriate items. Mr. Bunin says that licensing rights are being awarded briskly."

There seems to have also been some tie-ins with advertisers. Ipana offered some Foodini character premiums with their products. Specifically, several scarves with Foodini characters printed on them were Ipana related products. The ads in the comics provide the most tantalizing insight into some of the products that it was possible to purchase. The 1950 prices seem so cheap to a 2004 viewpoint.

Foodini Beanie Cap (see ad in comic)
Holes for fingers beside the head. Head is rubber.


Foodini Pin - Pinhead Pin.

JoLoPin - JoLo Bracelet

Foodini rubber head.

Front and rear views of "Foodini's Magic Glo-Mask"
"A gift from your Sundial Shoe Dealer" Stamped with Doris Brown's signature.
1 foot wide. ALL of the white areas STILL glow in the dark!

3 Puzzles. Roll small metal balls around and get them into indentions. Metal and plastic.

Mickey Mouse had a famous character watch - but so did Foodini!
We wonder IF any survived. Thus far, no examples have surfaced.

Two different "Ipana" scarves.

The child's Foodini TV Director canvas and wood chair is an especially fine item. For just $3.50 your child got one of the charming chairs (in which the child could sit and watch the television show) - BUT, the childs name could be custom printed on the back of the chair! The chair is 18" wide and 21" high. Manufactured by  Krimstock Bros. Philadelpha PA (see ad in comic)

A small "TV Stage and cardboard cutout "puppets" offered by Sundial Shoes. The rear of the package had suggestions for plots and dialogue. Even though it was called "Lucky Pup Television Playhouse, the only characters were from the Foodini show.

A "jack-in-the-box" type toy. Work the magic button and JoLo POPS out!

A group of four puppets. Note the two versions of the Foodini head and body.

Foodini Boy's Belt

Pin-Up Box
Pin-Ups - Wall Hangings

Pin-Ups group
Group Pin-Up (Some paint glow-in-the-dark)

Pin-Ups Individuals
Individual Pip-Ups (Some paint glow-in-the-dark)

Toys produced by Zolo Toy Co.

TV Studio Package
Another TV Studio set from Bonnie Laddie Shoes

Foodini Suspenders
Foodini Suspenders

Wood puzzle
Foodini Wooden Puzzle (Glow in the dark crystal ball)

Rare Foodini Marionette

Jolo Premium Standup

Foodini Drums
Very rare and unusual Trap Drum set (likely missing some pieces)

Foodini Puppet

Pinhead Puppet

Jigsaw Puzzle


3 Beanies
Three Foodini Beanie/Puppets



microscope instructions

Foodini Puppet

From the collection of Jimmy Parker

Foodini Puppet Box

From the collection of Jimmy Parker

Puppet with bells

Unusual Foodini hand puppet with bells on his hands

From the collection of Jimmy Parker

The Greeting Cards and Records were other well documented licensed products that are covered on other pages on this site.

The creator of this site has discovered no puppets, watches or rubber masks as offered
in some of the ads in the comics. He welcomes submissions of these items and any information
on additional Foodini character products.

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