One of the particularly appropriate products associated with the Foodini character was the Magic Set. A world famous magician SHOULD sell a magic set!

The first one produced was put out in 1949 by the Redhill Products of Inwood, L.I., New York. The box was 13 3/4" x 10 1/2" by 1 1/4" deep. The cover had artwork featuring Foodini and Pinhead and a large crystal ball die cut and covered with cellophane letting you look inside to see the contents. There is a small booklet of instructions. Tricks included are: Magnetic Fingers, The Obedient Block, Satan's Illusion, Mystic Dominoes, Diminishing Card, Releaso Rings, Jumping Peg, Ring on Snake, U-Tell-Em. A magic wand was also included with the props for the set.

There are several variations which were produced by the Pressman Toy Corp.They were called "The Great Foodini Magic Set." They were copywrited by R.C. Cox Corporation. The Pressman Toy Company, who had lots of experience producing magic sets, manufactured and assembled the sets. They were the "creation" of Lynn Rambach.The illustration on the box cover was signed "herder."

The Pressman sets were 10 1/2" x 18 1/4" x 2" deep. The lid was attached by staples to the box. The date of these sets is presumed to be 1949-50. The instructions were a three folded booklet. The version of the set with the stapled lid has a punch-out mask of Foodini attached to the inside of the lid. This "mask set" has the following tricks: X-Ray Vision, Disappearing Star, Multiplying Wood Balls, The Hidden Checker, Cord Cutting Trick, Magic Sliding Coin Box, Magic Tumbler, Wonder Ring, Ball and Vase Trick and The Marked Coin. The tricks all fit into a blue printed circus themed punched background in the box bottom. This set carries the item number 2213 on the lid.

A 2nd Pressman variation is numbered 1113 on the lid - but has the exact same graphic. This set has a completely removable lid.There is no mask, but the bottom of the box is covered with a cut-out insert featuring curtains and footlights printed in red and a celophane viewing window to show the tricks inside. There is a slight variance in the complement of tricks included as well. The tricks: X-Ray Vision, Disappearing Star, Multiplying Wood Balls, The Hidden Checker, Cord Cutting Trick, Wonder Ring, Ride 'Em Cowboy (paper trick being substituted for the Ball and Vase) and Magic Sliding Coin Box. The instruction sheet is also smaller.

A slightly larger Pressman set was 12 x 20x 2.5. There is a false bottom under which is a small cloth covered wooden table top and three dowels for legs. The instructions call it the "Magician Wood Display Stand" and suggest it be used to place your suitcase on for display. The instruction book is a stapled 8 page 5.25 x 6.75 booklet. There is a celophane cover insert over the trick tray. There is also a punch out Foodini face mask which hooks over the child's ears. The tricks included are: X-Ray Vision Trick, Disappearing Star (paddle), Multiplying Wood Balls (metal shell) The Linking Ring Mystery (3.75" rings), The Hidden Checker, Cord Cutting Trick, Magic Sliding Coin Box, Wonder Rings, Ball and Vase Trick and The Marked Coin (coin in bag between banded metal plates.) This set has the same cover graphics as the other sets - but there is no number on it. The celophane insert carries the number 33 13.

Another Pressman set had all of the tricks above - PLUS: magic Dominoes, Two Card Trick, Catch-It Snapper, Magic Keys, Mystic Stix, The Magic Folder, Multiplying Rabbits, The Chinese Ring Trick and Phantom Cards.


Lid to Redhill set... transparent "crystal ball" allowing view of contents.

Redhill Magic Set Contents

Rehiill Foodini Set Instructions

Cover - Pressman Foodini Magic Set

Contents - Pressman Magic Set

Large Pressman Set - with linking rings

Wooden display stand under trick tray in big Pressman set

Punch-out Foodini face mask from Pressman magic set




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