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(The Museum does not currently own one of these machines - we would GLADLY accept a donation of one!)

This is an interesting vintage cutting machine tool, dated 1924. This machine's photos were supplied us by Bill Cairnes. It is a completely functional model of the oldest known model of the Cutawl machine (WHAT ever happened to K 1 - K4????) This amazing counter-levered design was a precursor to the uni-body design that has been well documented. 

The label says "INTERNATIONAL CUTAWL, pat. May 6, 1924, Type K5, Serial Number 1407 (Another partial K5 has been see with a SN of 1159, indicating a goodly number of these machines must have been made - WHERE are they now?), Made by International Register Co., Chicago, Ill.


K5 NamePlate


A quite rare K5A machine. Like the K5 but to be used free of the counter-balance mechanism. The handles
appear to not be original equipment. This is serial # 1565.


This is an unusual K5 model machine - with no counterweight arms and with a triangle baseplate.


A remarkably intact K5 (From Australia - 220V) Still WORKS! (SN # 1163)

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