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The Great Foodini show on CBS-TV grew out of the Lucky Pup show. The popularity of Foodini, his foils Pinhead, Jolo, and Phineas Pitch were so compelling that Foodini got his own show. The combination of Lucky Pup and Foodini ran from 1948 - 1951. The voices were Hope Bunin, Morey Bunin, Doris Brown and George Fryne.

The shows were televised live at 6:30pm Monday-Friday directly by cable from New York City to Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington, DC. A Kinescope recording was shown five days a week in Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Syracuse and Seattle.

The series competed favorably against "The Howdy Doody Show", "Kukla, Fran And Ollie" and "Captain Video" for three years, until it moved to ABC as "Foodini the Great" in 1951. The shift to the earlier time slot, compounded by a change to pre-recorded production, caused it to lose audiences. The final new episode was broadcast on December 29, 1951, it remained in syndication until 1954.

The opening of the Foodini Show

Foodini and Pinhead appeared on the cover of the April16-22 1949 TeleVision Guide


Two records featuring Foodini, Pinhead and other familiar characters were produced. Both were Copyright 1949 by Caravan Records, Inc.Each is a 10" 78 RPM red vinyl two-sided recording. They came in a heavy paper envelope, brightly printed. They seemed to be part of a series: "For every child's lifetime library" which included a number of stories narrated by Milton Cross. They sold for 98 cents each. (The record sets were apparently also sold as 2 45 RPM records.)

Each record features Jimmy Carroll's Orchestra with original music by Barry Winton and Jimmy Carroll, story by Jerry and Jeanette Lynn, directed by Barry Winton. I am certain that they contain the voices of Hope and Morey Bunin as Foodini and Pinhead!

"Foodini's Trip to the Moon" is item # C-22. "Foodini Goes A 'Huntin'" is item # C-23. The text story is on the back of the storage envelope.

LISTEN to the complete record (MP3)


LISTEN to the complete record (MP3)

On Video

We know of two sources of videos of Foodini TV shows.

Video Yesteryear, Phone: 800-243-0987 has item # 1244, Foodini the Great which includes Pinhead's "fork flinging" act (Autumn, 1951).

Video Resources New York Inc. (212) 724-7055 have a video with an episode of The Paul Winchell Show and a Foodini episode. The same episode as on the Video Yesteryear video.

Foodini videos do show up from time to time on eBay.

Doris Brown and Jolo the Clown

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