March 15-17, 2002

A photographic chronoicle of the weekend that Mary Katharine Jolly spent with Nonno & Neese at 10 Devonshire Lane

Dinner Friday night. Special Mini-Calzones that Mary Katharine helped make.

Some after dinner coloring work with her spiffy marker pens.

Sat. morning breakfast. Special cheese scrambled eggs!

Coloring with the markers is a favorite activity!

Getting in some WORK - on Denise's computer and Palm Pilot.

Helping Nonno understand a problem on his computer.

Shopping at the Publix for dinner supplies and bread to feed the Furman waterfoul.

Feeding the ducks - but warry of the approaching Geese.

Helping Neese water the inside plants.

Watering the patio so it will grow tall in the Spring.

MARY KATHARINE asked to go BACK to feed the ducks after lunch!

Another "Bell Tower Girl!"

A visit to the theatre - and showing her skill on the light board!

Making "directorial decisions."

Dancing onstage - captured by the live TheatreWebCam

Getting in some work on Nonno's office computer.

Trying her hand on the "theatrical prop" slot machine

Nonne spun around and bumped her in the eye with his elbow... ice helps a lot.

Checking the ingredient list for the special Saint Patrick's Day cookies.

Getting the dough ready.


Pre nap video - Pinnochio!

She INSISTED in going back to walk at Furman... and has begun to make her peace with the geese!

Checking out the Bell Tower.

Learning how to use the Mr. Magic machine.

Bubble bath!

Her very own electric toothbrush.

Sunday morning - helping Denise style her hair.

A walk in the rain.

The two Iron Chefs! Getting ready to cook dinner for us and her family who will be coming to pick her up.

EVERYBODY has an apron.

There IS time for playing while we wait for our dinner guests.

Teaching Sloan and David how to work the Mr. Magic machine.



©2002 Rhett Bryson