Jan 19-20, 2002

A photographic chronoicle of the weekend that Sloan Jolly spent with Nonno & Neese at 10 Devonshire Lane

After arriving and unpacking, Sloan enjoys a pre-lunch snack at Ma's table!

After lunch, Sloan & Nonno look at the fantastic Pogo figures.

Then we go downstairs for a little reading on the couch.

Neese reads a story to Sloan and Annie.

Sloan REALLY likes to read!

Sloan & Nonno work on the ball and vase magic trick.

Sloan got REALLY good at the trick!

Holding "That" on the PapaSan chair before nap.

After naptime, we had to do a little computing!

Time for a short field trip in the Jeep.

We need to get groceries for dinner.

Sloan LIKES hats!

Sloan plays in the kitchen while we fix dinner.

Sloan was getting sleepy.

Neese helps Sloan get the teeth brushed VERY well.

Bedtime reading...

Just ONE more book....

Sunday morning... getting dressed for trip to breakfast with computer friends!

The HEAD of the table at Tommy's Ham House!

She really DID enjoy her breakfast.


Back home and some more reading.

Bundled up for another field trip after lunch.

Taking in the sights at the beautiful Furman lake.

We saw LOTS of ducks.... quack, quack!

Sloan reading to Nonno & Neese.

Sloan's bed in the "guest room." After her Sunday nap.

Sloan had a GREAT time visiting with Nonno & Neese,
but she was REALLY glad to see her mother again!



©2002 Rhett Bryson