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At least three company names can be associated with the Cutawl machine's history. The initial patent was assigned to the International Register Company in Chicago, IL (as were all subsequent patents.)

International Register Company

The first product designed and patented by the International Register Company was a trolly fare collector/counter. It received a patent in 1894! (They also invented the snooze alarm function for alarm clocks!)

In 1917, during World War I, Arthur Woodward invented the wind vane sight (for machine guns firing between rotating propeller blades), and one of the he also invented the Navy bomb sight. International Register Company produced these inventions during and immediately after the war, greatly contributing to the allied effort in Europe.

The Navy bomb sight was invented during World War I by A. W. Woodward for the International Register Company.

By 1922, the era of streetcars was drawing to a close. Looking for new horizons, the Company developed the Cutawl (a cutting machine) as its own product, and did contract manufacturing, making such items as the Checkwriter, the Stenotype, candy and gum vending machines for Automatic Canteen and the Nielsen Audimeter (used for the Nielson ratings).

The company's is name was changed to Intermatic in the 1970's.

The Cutawl Company

Some of the manuals discovered show the machine being manufactured by the Cutawl Company of Bethel, Connecticut, a division of Blackstone Industries, Inc. This company also produces the Foredom Power Tool and accessories.

The Helmold Company

Recently, the J. F. Helmold Company has purchased the rights to the Cutawl machine. They offer parts and repair. For over 110 years they have been serving the steel rule diemaking industry. We learned in April of 2013 that they were going to discontinue manufacturing the K11 machine but keep offering the K12 for the foreseeable future. The K12, with its curved base plate, is designed specifically for some specialized uses related to die making. They are located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois - putting the Cutawl machine back near its Chicago roots.

J.F. Helmold & Bro. , Inc.
901 Morse Ave
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

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