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Welcome to the Furman University Theatre Arts Slide Database. This engine was created by Will Lowry as a result of a Furman Advantage project under the direction of Rhett Bryson during Summer 2002. This archive was created to contain and catalogue the slides Furman Theatre has taken during its various shows over the years. This interface allows you, the user, to access the database and search and/or browse its contents.
If you find any productions with missing or incorrect information where you can supply the correct information OR if you have any slides or images from a production that we lack, please contact us.

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Please contact the Furman University Department of Theatre Arts to obtain permission for any public or commercial use of their images.
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The Furman University Department of Theatre Arts does allow some limited, personal use of the images on this site. Please refer to the "
FAQ about Copyright" for more information on copyright and personal uses that are allowed without written permission or a license from us.

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