Theatre Arts 28
Rhett Bryson
M-F  11:00 - 11:50 o The Playhouse
Lab - Tuesdays 2-5 PM, Oct 26-30 (Iguana   light  hanging)


1.	To gain an understanding of nomenclature, tools, materials and processes
 involved in the research, planning, and design implementation of standard theatrical lighting.

2.	To have experience in the practical hanging, rigging and focusing of stage lighting in
 lighting laboratory and in actual production situations.

3.	To gain proficiency in the skills involved with lighting stage crew management.

4.	To develop the ability to imaginatively solve standard lighting design problems.

5.	To learn how the work of the lighting designer and technician fits in with the other
 theatrical collaborators.

Stage Lighting Design
Richard Pilbrow 
Tue	Sep	15	Introduction - Assignments - Lab
Wed	Sep	16	History	(Sweet pg.1-8)
Thu	Sep	17	History
Fri	Sep	18	History

Mon	Sep	21	History
Tue	Sep	22	Light Energy - Variable Qualities	
Wed	Sep	23	Properties of light
Thu	Sep	24	Properties of light
Fri	Sep	25	Properties of light

Mon	Sep	28	Properties of light
Tue	Sep	29	Measuring Light
Wed	Oct	30	Light & Shadow
Thu	Oct	01	Basic Electricity	(Sweet 6)
Fri	Oct	02	Basic Electricity

Mon	Oct	05	Fall BREAK
Tue	Oct	06	Basic Electricity
Wed	Oct	07	Inverse Square Law (bring calculator)

Thu	Oct	08	Basic Photometrics (bring calculator)
Fri	Oct	09	The Lamp (Sweet pg. 92-96)

Mon	Oct	12	Lighting Instruments	(Sweet 4)
Tue	Oct	13	 Lighting Instruments 
Wed	Oct	14	Color in Light	(Sweet 2) (Play chosen for Design Project)
Thu	Oct	15	Color in Light
Fri	Oct	16	Color in Light 

Mon	Oct	19	Projection	(Sweet 5)
Tue	Oct	20	Lighting Hardware - accessories
Wed	Oct	21	Wiring - stage circuits
Thu	Oct	22	Visiting Professor Takis 
Fri	Oct	23	Visiting Professor Takis 

Mon	Oct	26	Control	(Sweet 7)
Tue	Oct	27	Mid Term Exam
Wed	Oct	28	Functions of Lighting Design (Book assigned for Book Report)
Thu	Oct	29	Steps in Lighting a Show, Design Preparation	(Sweet pg. 1-14)
Fri	Oct	30	Internal Research

Mon	Nov	02	External Research
Tue	Nov	03	Basic Techniques	(Sweet pg. 15-36)
Wed	Nov	04	Basic Techniques	(Sweet 37-39)
Thu	Nov	05	"The Hang" (Text analysis-Research Due)
Fri	Nov	06	"The Focus"

Mon	Nov	09	Tech rehearsal
Tue	Nov	10	Paperwork		(Sweet pg. 40-56, Appendix B)
Wed	Nov	11	McAlister-Proscenium Lighting (Professor Harrell)
Thu	Nov	12	McAlister-Proscenium Lighting (Professor Harrell)
Fri	Nov	13	McAlister-Proscenium Lighting (Professor Harrell)

Mon	Nov	16	Cues 
Tue	Nov	17	Computer plotting/drafting 
Wed	Nov	18	Choosing the correct instrument/position (Sweet pg. 71-88
Thu	Nov	19	Presentations (All design projects due)
Fri	Nov	20	Presentations

Monday Nov 23 - Friday, Nov 27 - Thanksgiving Break
Mon	Nov	30	Presentations
Tue	Dec	01	Presentations
Wed	Dec	02	Presentations
Thu	Dec	03	Book Reports (All Book Reports Due)
Fri	Dec	05	Book Reports

Mon	Dec	07	Book Reports
Tue	Dec	08	Review - Last Day of Class
Wed	Dec	09	STUDY DAY

Tuesday, Dec 15, 1998 - 9-11:30 am

Grade Based On:
Lighting Crew work (Single Grade) 
Learning to use the control board (Single Grade)
Mid-Term Exam (Double grade)
Final Exam (Double grade)
Book Report (Single Grade)
Text Analysis - Research (Single Grade)
Light Plot - Cue Sheets (Single Grade)
Some surprise tests
Class attendance  (You are expected to be in class EVERY day. There are no 
"excused absences from this class. Every absence after 3 takes 18 points from your 
final grade total)



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