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Professor John Henry Pepper presents
Magic & Mentalism
at the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC



In April and May, Rhett Bryson appeared at the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC in a series of weekend performances presented as a part of the Spring Festival of Flowers - Amusements of the Guilded Age.

Professor Pepper (in a homage to the real Professor Pepper, who invented the Pepper's Ghost illusion) with the help of spirit guide, Anton Hebble, attempted several experiments in mentalism. The performances were done to provide an atmosphere of the types of entertainments that George Washington Vanderbilt would have provided for his houseguests in 1901.

These photographs capture some of the moments from Professor Pepper's act. The performances took place in the basement "Halloween Room." The fanciful paintings on the walls were the result of the work of some of Cornelia Vanderbilt Cecil's guests while decorating for a party.

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Professor Pepper shows
Anton's pocket watch.

Professor Pepper catches
a ghost in an old witch's cloth.

Professor Pepper shows
the correctly predicted time.


Anton lifts a pencil
on Professor Pepper's hand.

Professor Pepper receives
a word by telepathy.

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