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The Money Maker Machine Manual
by Algonquin McDuff
Produced in Complicity with Rhett Bryson & Dexter Cleveland

is now published and ready for sale!
There is NOW an
ADDENDUM to the Supplement
completing the Money Maker Book Trilogy!

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After the publication of the highly successful Money Maker Machine Manual, so much valuable historic information, machines, routines, ads, and associated ephemera came to light - the authors decided that a Supplement to the book was in order so that the historic record as regards the Money Maker Machine would be as complete as possible.

Salient points about this most valuable supplement:

• Four (4) pages of color plates/illustrations (not numbered or indexed) Never before seen Money Makers in full color. (The FIRST use of color in Algonquin's publications!)

• British routines and humour. French instructions. British instructions. A German machine. Earliest American machine photographed.

• Rare Money Maker ads. (Some rarer than others)

• International contributors.

• Quirkiest supplement ever conceived or published.

• Money Maker inventor's insights and routines.

• One routine with a completely outrageous pun and one routine with a completely enigmatic "card bill".

• First supplement to the 3rd book of the second half of the first trilogy (not to be confused with the 3rd book of the first half of the collected works) of Algonquin McDuff.

• Partial list of contributors include Rick Johnsson.

• Treasure hunt built in: Find the misspelled name of the famous magician.

• Satire COMPLETELY misunderstood by Martin Gardner (and we have the letter to prove it!)

• More than a dozen (12) routines mostly by dead contributors.

• EACH book hand printed and assembled - in VERY limited quantities. This volume is SURE to become a prized and RARE collector's item!

• Modestly priced at a meagre $30 per 48 page booklet. (Doesn't even come CLOSE to re-compensate the authors for the costs to produce.)

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This Supplement is ONLY available from the Publishers and Authors. The incredibly cheap price is $30.00 - postage FREE anywhere in the free world!

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