On Captain Kangaroo

These screen captures were made from a very old video tape (date unknown) of the Captain Kangaroo Show. The 32 images sequence you through the entire act. This is Sam Levine playing the part of The Banana Man.

First he produces the flute.

Using his voice, he "plays" the flute.

Takes off his gloves, dropping the second and retrieves it with a large magnet.

He removes several ties.

He removes a whole group of ties.

Produces a single banana, peels it.

Produces several bunches of bananas.

Produces large comb and mirror.

Produces a tray and container, pours milk.

Produces music paper, stand and banjo.

He plays (using his voice as the sound of the instrument.)

The banjo splits into several parts.

He bows - with a BIG hand.

He produces several watermellons.

He removes one box from the trunk.

MORE bunches of bananas.

LOTS of bananas.

Production of a bunch of pineapples.

More ties are taken off, then a string of ties.

A wastebasket to dispose of the wadded up music sheet.

Bananas spring spontaneously from his pockets.

Another car added to the train.

A third box, apparently FULL of bananas is removed and added to the train.

A transformation into the lady character.

The lady has her own wig.

She produces a violin and "plays" it (his voice again).

The lady begins the transformation into the conductor.

The conductor.

Beginning of the transformation of the trunk into the engine.

Transforming continues.

The train is driven off of the set.

He returns, in another costume, produces a chest full of medals and takes his bows.

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