One of 8 theatrical trunks holding the costumes and props.

The ORIGINAL props have been located!

After a quest that has lasted over 40 years, the compiler of this site has finally had the chance to see, examine and document ALL of the original props for The Banana Man act. The whole story of how all of this came about will be told at a later time in greater detail. Fans of the Banana Man should know, however, that the props are going to be kept together as a collection and will be documented and chronicled for all to see - in the fullness of time.

The props have been in the posession of Leonard Goodstein, of Brooklyn, NY for over 30 years. He purchased them from the widow of Max Roth and has held onto them all of these years. Richard Cohn, longtime magician historian of the Brooklyn area had first mentioned to me that Lenny Goodstein owned the original props. Allan Jones (a super Banana Man fan), from Cleveland, TN made his own independent contact with Mr. Goodstein and began negotiations for purchasing the props.

On Thursday, November 13, 2003, I accompanied Allan Jones from Cleveland, TN to Brooklyn where we examined the 8 trunks of props and costumes and related material and where Allan subsequently purchased the complete collection. I have cataloged and photo-documented the contents of all of the trunks..

Here are some photographs made in the storage facility in Brooklyn of some of the more recognizable of the props and costume pieces. Having located the props and having been given access to them for historical documentation will add an important completeness to the story that can be told of two performers and years of performance history of the act. I expect to be able to describe the details of the construction of the props, trunks and costumes. We will learn exactly how many pockets the coat did contain! We will have insight into how the act was put together and how the costume quick changes were rigged. All of this is of great importance to theatrical and performance historians.

There are now plans to prepare a DVD with all of the extant videos of the act plus pictures of the original props and costumes and other ephemera related to A. Robins and Sam Levine.

Let the following few pictures whet your appetite for more detailed and complete photo-documentation to come.

Mr Goodstein (L) & Mr. Jones in the storage locker in Brooklyn where the props had been kept.

One of the three coats - likely the oldest.

The BANANAS! hand sewn, hand painted. The springs are hand wound as well.



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